The mission of TEJWHEELS is to take advantage of its experience, knowledge and productive resources to provide our customers with tires, discs, sets of agricultural and industrial wheels, as well as the associated logistic services that continuously satisfy their needs and expectations in terms of economic efficiency for our company, achieving, at the same time, an adequate and safe professional and human environment for the people of our organization, and contributing to the socioeconomic wellbeing of our community and its environmental sustainability.

Based on this mission, our Management Policy is defined, continuously revised and the following principles are established:

  1. Compliance with contractual requirements.
  2. Compliance with the applicable regulations.
  3. Management of the organization and productive resources, deploying continuous improvement and automation of processes as means to increase efficiency.
  4. Establishment and evaluation of mutually beneficial relationships with suppliers.
  5. Management of people based on criteria of leadership and recognition based on the contribution of the employee to the achievements of the organization.
  6. Elimination of barriers that limit access to our products from other countries, positioning our organization in a global economy.

For this, a management philosophy based on Lean manufacturing is established, focused on the reduction of the 7 types of “waste” (overproduction, waiting time, transportation, excess processing, inventory, movement and defects) in which the production of correct products is prioritized in the right place, at the right moment, in the right amount, minimizing waste, being flexible and being open to change.

 The Management assumes its leadership in the assumption and deployment of this Management Policy in quantifiable annual objectives, and requests the commitment of all staff to develop, apply and continuously improve the applicable management criteria, as well as to guide their performance to the achievement of this Policy and the objectives set by the organization.

In Cantillana, January 2018

Direction of the company.